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Monday, 16 November 2009

[ ..sit.. ]

Sometimes you sit there and do nothing.

Sometimes you thought you ARE doing something by sitting down there.

But the fact is, you are just sitting down there, not doing anything that benefits anyone else.

Sorry, I am a bit emo. Oh well I always has been emo, haven't I? ;)

Sometimes, I do not know why am I still here if I am unwelcome, you see.

As I always been, I thought I am doing well. I thought I am doing right, but the truth is I am not doing anything right.

Sometimes you just get disillusioned by all the things happening right now that you won't realise what is wrong with you, yourself.

Yea, I can hop around happily, sharing my joy and fun with you. Yes, I can try my best to show you that I am glad with what I am given.

But nothing seems as good as it is. Well, this is the truth and the fact. And it always had been this way since the soil is formed.

Sometimes I just hope things could get easier and less complicated.

No, no.

Sometimes, I just hope certain someone would just shut up and talk less about other people's troubles to me especially about those people that I hate.

No, those problems have nothing to do with me and I can't help you much. NO, that person has no money is not my problem I am not a charity house.

And no fucking no, I can't fucking solve their problem so don't fucking tell me.

You think I have no problem now just because I am financially stable? I have tonnes of it and you just adds up to them!!

WHY can't you just shut it and be happy? Why can't you just shut it and let ME be happy?

No, nothing is well and so am I.

I crave for nothing more but serenity and hope. I should be feeling calm and happy now but you have to ruin it for me.

What made it worse is that I have to look at your face 24/7 and listen to all the crap coming out of your mouth. I am fucking tired.

Just let me be with my cat and everything will be alright.

Thanks and have a great day.

suwa yori~

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